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About Me

I am a Freelance Finance Writer by profession. I have faith in Hindu rituals & traditions, so I started Kolumn.Blog to share my thoughts on Hinduism.

Many religious leaders and saints spoke and wrote wisdom stories that happened through the times. Those stories shaped Indian culture over the years. I am passionate about my culture, but I am not a saint or a religious leader. I wanted to write on my favorite topic, and I got a chance to share it with you.

India — A place of many marvelous temples' — offers an unforgettable traveling experience & many untold and unexplored.

India has a rich culture, traditions, and history; therefore, it offers readers many great topics to read. As a writer, I want to explore as much as possible. Though Indian history & culture is a vast subject, I would love to cover some important historical events.

I am learning how to play the guitar and sing. I am a novice, and I am learning Hindustani classical music.

I try to share & write thoughts already written in great books.

I started a writer's journey in 2016 & grown since then.

I have also owned a gift store(BRIONY GIFTS) in my hometown for twenty-six years.

Why Kolumn's Name For a Blog?

I am colored wholeheartedly with the love of Radhe-Krishna, so I wanted to start the blog's name with K. Therefore, instead of a column, I took the Kolumn name.

Something About the Kolumn Logo

After visualizing a few designs in my mind, I asked designers a few suggestions. They came out with this beautiful logo design, and I approved it immediately. When I looked at the logo, I visualized that Lord Krishna plays his flute and different sounds come out of his flute.

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